Knowledge Organisers

From September 2018, our home learning policy has moved away from a traditional homework approach, towards an evidence-informed process of retrieval practice, using a spaced and interleaved strategy to support knowledge retention over time. Students work on transferring the foundation knowledge for each topic, in each subject, from their short to their long term memory. This is supported through revisiting each topic at various intervals across the key stage. Students complete two knowledge organiser home learning tasks an evening.  However, at different key stages, students spend slightly different amounts of time on the process. The timetable for this is constructed in a way that supports students with their wellbeing and workload. We ask students to work hard during the week, however there are no home learning tasks set over the weekend, allowing students to spend time with their families and friends.



KS3 (Y7 & Y8) – Two subjects per night, as per the timetable in the KO booklet. One A4 page of self-quizzing completed for each subject. Time – 30 to 45 minutes per subject.


KS3 Student and Parent Guide to Knowledge Organiser Home Learning