Vision Ethos and Values


"To provide a world class educational experience that ensures our students are prepared and qualified for the global marketplace; we become a school of choice in Farnham." 

We will do so by:

  • Ensuring all students exceed their academic performance.  This will allow a wide and enriching range of opportunities when they leave Farnham Heath End School.
  • Providing an aspirational, student-centred education led by a passionate and collegiate team.
  • Creating a "can do" attitude and ethos for all of our students.
  • Providing a cultural capital that celebrates and captures the imagination of all our students.

At Farnham Heath End School we enable our students to have unparalleled self-belief, and show them how to reach their true potential, through a range of opportunities and activities, both inside and outside the school.

Farnham Heath End School has a strong and respectful ethos, one of community and togetherness.  It is impossible to pass through our corridors unnoticed.  Whether you are in Year 11 or Year 7, you will be welcomed into our community whilst being recognised as the unique individual you are.

As a community, we ensure that no student is lost in the crowd, and that our conscientious, ambitious and professional teachers get the most out of our students, developing both their confidence and sense of success.

We maintain a strong feeling of mutual respect between members of staff and our students, and between the students themselves.

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WMAT Vision and Values


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