Facilities Hire

General Lettings

Main Hall

£32.00 per hour

Main Hall Saturday

£43.50 per hour

Drama Studio

£27.50 per hour

Class Rooms

£14.25 per hour

Specialist Class Room

£17.75 per hour


Sports Facilities (Liable for VAT)

Sports Hall, multi-use

£47.00 per hour

All Weather Pitch


½ Pitch, Evenings

£45.00 per hour

½ Pitch, Weekends

£31.00 per hour

Full Pitch, Evenings

£73.50 per hour

Full Pitch, Weekends

52.50 per hour


£26.50 per hour (£32.00 inc. storage)

Netball Courts

£14.00 per hour

Tennis Courts

£7.50 per hour


£45.00 per hour


£15.00 per hour

(The courts are not flood lit so prices are for during the daytime at weekends and summer evenings)

All sports bookings will incur 20% VAT. However, some bookings can be VAT exempt, if the hirer is a Club, Association, Representative Organisation or a Not-for-Profit Organisation and they book a series of 10 or more lets. These series of lets have criteria which need to be met in order to qualify for the exemption. The criteria are as follows and all must be met to qualify for the exemption:

  1. A series of 10+ sessions.
  2. Each session is for the same activity at the same place.
  3. The interval between each session is between 1 and 14 days.
  4. The series is invoiced as a whole.
  5. The series is on one booking form.

For enquiries, please contact lettings@fhes.org.uk

For bookings, please contact customerbookings@weydonschool.surrey.sch.uk


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