Policies Date  
Academies Financial Handbook 2020 21st Sep 2020 Download
Accessibility Plan 26th Jan 2021 Download
Admissions Policy 2021.22 22nd Feb 2021 Download
Anti-Bullying Policy 01st Mar 2019 Download
Attendance Policy 08th Dec 2020 Download
Behaviour for Learning Policy - Updated Oct 2020 14th Dec 2020 Download
Behaviour Policy 2020 Covid 19 Addendum 14th Dec 2020 Download
BTEC Assessment Policy 04th Dec 2018 Download
Careers Education Policy 15th Jan 2020 Download
Curriculum Policy 15th Jul 2019 Download
Data Protection Policy 30th Nov 2018 Download
DFE Document - Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions 30th Nov 2018 Download
Examinations Policy 03rd Nov 2020 Download
Feedback Guidance 26th Sep 2018 Download
FHES Remote Learning Provision 2021 26th Jan 2021 Download
FHES Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 14th Jan 2020 Download
FHES Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy 28th Jan 2021 Download
First Aid / Medical Support in the School Setting 24th Apr 2019 Download
Home Learning Policy 25th Nov 2019 Download
Provider Access Policy 17th Jul 2020 Download
Relationships and Sex Education Policy 26th Feb 2020 Download
Social Media Mobile Phone Policy 30th Nov 2018 Download
Uniform and General Appearance Policy 09th Dec 2019 Download
WMAT CCTV System Policy 27th Mar 2019 Download
WMAT Charging and Remissions Policy 13th Feb 2020 Download
WMAT Complaints Policy and Procedure 25th Jan 2021 Download
WMAT Equal Opportunities in Employment Policy 09th Jan 2020 Download
WMAT Exclusions Policy 22nd May 2020 Download
WMAT Financial Procedures Manual - May 2020 21st Sep 2020 Download
WMAT Freedom of Information Policy 12th Jun 2020 Download
WMAT Governor Probationary Policy 07th Jan 2020 Download
WMAT Health, Safety & Welfare Policy 22nd May 2020 Download
WMAT Remote Education Policy 03rd Feb 2021 Download
WMAT Safeguarding Statement of Intent 14th Oct 2020 Download
WMAT Scheme of Delegation - Summer 2020 21st Sep 2020 Download
WMAT SEN and Disability Policy 26th Mar 2019 Download