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The medium of film will enable our students to view the worlds of others through windows and explore their own identity through texts which mirror their own experiences. In a world dominated by the moving image, film studies will curate an engagement with films of the highest quality, as well as diversity.

What a perfect complement to studying English and English Literature at the highest level possible for GCSE, since students will study a range of texts from around the world and develop both their analytical and creative skills.

As in the past, we are planning to join the team at the British Film Institute for an AS Film Study day, as well as to look at opportunities to watch content on the big screen. There are also plans to screen student films at FHES.

Resources and support materials can be found on Google Classroom.

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AS Level Film Studies

Exam Board



From a selection of briefs. Worth 30%

Paper 1

American Film (35%)

Section A: Hollywood: 1930 - 1990. A study from a choice of set texts exploring one film from the Classical Hollywood era and one film from the New Hollywood era. As well as analytical skills, students must compare the two films and consider their context.

Section B: Contemporary American Independent Film. This includes a specialist study area: spectatorship.

Paper 2

European Film (35%)

Section A: British film. A two-film study involving the specialist study area: narrative.

Section B: Non-English Language European film.

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Teaching Schedule


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 9

The ‘language’ of the moving image. Acquiring subject specific terminology and how to analyse.

Genre, narrative and representation: the understanding of key concepts within the film studies theoretical framework. Analysis of texts.

In depth study of a shadow text (Contemporary American Independent Film) for language, representation,  and spectatorship.

Assessment preparation, including how to write a response at AS level.

Mini NEA to a given brief.

Year 10

Set texts for Component 1 plus exam question practice.

Set texts for Component 1 plus exam question practice.

Set texts for Component 1 plus exam question practice.


Year 11

NEA completed and evaluated.

Set texts for Component 2, plus exam practice.

Set texts for Component 2, plus exam practice.





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