Work Experience

Work Experience is a key component of the FHES Careers Education Programme.

Year 10 students complete a five-day placement in the second half of the summer term which will coincide with Activities Week for the lower school (usually last week of June or first week of July but can vary from year to year). 

The aim of work experience is to give students an opportunity to develop key employability skills and we want to see every student spend a week on a work placement.

Secondary schools have a duty to provide students with an experience of the workplace whilst they are in school. 

The onus is on students to find their own placements as far as possible. School can provide support in instances where students are struggling.

See the presentations below for more detail. 


Page Downloads Date  
Y10 Work Experience Week Parent Informat... 19th Sep 2023 Download
Y10 Work Experience Week Student Informa... 19th Sep 2023 Download
WEX Application form 2023 2024 21st Sep 2023 Download
Y10 CV Template 21st Sep 2023 Download
Finding a Work Experience Placement 21st Sep 2023 Download


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