Pastoral Care

At Farnham Heath End School, we take pride in ensuring every student receives exceptional pastoral care within a fostering and supportive environment.

When students arrive at Farnham Heath End School, it is imperative that they immediately feel part of our community. Our skilled Year Leaders and team of Tutors ensure that the transition phase is successful with both students and families being supported.

Year leaders are supported by a youth worker, attendance officer and safeguarding lead, who collectively ensure that pastoral care is tailored to the personal needs and circumstances of every student at the various stages of their school career.

Each student and member of staff are allocated to one of our four houses; Baynes, Hawthorn, Morris and Wilkinson. All house names are representatives of the school’s local community. The house system at Farnham Heath End School develops a sense of belonging, community and competition amongst our students and staff.

Each student follows a tutorial programme during the registration period at the start of every day. During this time, the Tutor will lead on a variety of topics, ranging from debates on topical issues to PSHE activities. Students will also have different themed assemblies each week.

Students have one pastoral contact time a day and follow a well structured pastoral curriculum programme. This programme aims to promote each student’s personal, social and intellectual development and helps them to be independent, responsible for their own actions and capable of making appropriate decisions. Year Leaders and Form Tutors  work with students daily, supporting the development of each student. House Captains work on inter-house competitions and raising money for charity. For any pastoral issues, the first point of contact should be the Form Tutor and, for more serious issues, the Year Leader.  In extreme cases it may be necessary to contact the Vice Principal.

Pride in our School Community

At Farnham Heath End School, we ensure that the acronym ‘PRIDE’ is embedded within our school community.

We expect our students to demonstrate these attributes and leave school as well-rounded young adults who are:

  • Positive
  • Resilient
  • Imaginative
  • Dedicated
  • Encouraging

The PRIDE points system celebrates students’ achievements and successes. Students are awarded PRIDE points for high standards of work and positive contributions to lessons, and for enthusiastic participation in extra-curricular activities. The points are also used as the basis of inter-house competitions.

Celebration Assemblies are held to recognise and reward those who have gained significant numbers of PRIDE points. PRIDE points can be viewed in Class Charts, the school’s behaviour programme.

Our School Council and Year Councils form the school’s Student Voice, giving students credible input into decisions about many changes within the school.