Trips & Activities

Staff at Farnham Heath End School take groups of students on a wide variety of trips and visits and the school encourages these activities. All departments are encouraged to provide students with choices to learn outside the classroom and we actively encourage this as a school.  We also offer whole school trips and frequently organise trips to France, Germany and Iceland, as well as ski trips and sports tours.

The school is very careful to avoid significant risks and manage smaller ones while we are in loco parentis. To do this, we strictly follow the County’s guidelines which involve risk assessment and expert review as necessary in the approval cycle for visits. When running trips and visits abroad, we may use various companies which provide travel for schools. We only use coach companies who carry the BUSK benchmark and have fully reviewed and assessed their operating procedure.

Farnham Heath End School tries to make visits as widely available to students as possible, but we have to judge whether it is right to take individual students. When students apply to go on a school visit, their behaviour both in and out of school is considered before they are accepted. If a student’s behaviour was such that we did not feel that we could be confident about their (or others) health and safety, we would discuss this with the parents but would reserve the right not to include the student. Parents should be aware that in such cases, especially where the school has already paid for the visit, the school journey insurance may not cover any payments made and, unless a replacement could be found, the school would not be able to refund any payments made.

The school has a Visits Policy which sets out the procedures for visit leaders in more detail.

Under Downloads at the bottom of this page, please find a list of our upcoming trips.


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