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The Art department's motto, 'Make Your Mark', is a call for students to develop their creativity, their identity and their success as artists. Engaging 2D & 3D projects provide opportunities to experiment and encourage personal study as well as delivering a wide range of cultural and technical knowledge and practical skills.  Our aim is to make learning art interesting and engaging for all.

We encourage our students to attend art clubs for Year 7 and 8.  For Years 9, 10 and 11 we offer our Art Hub where students can access the Art Studio materials, resources and staff support for their GCSE projects and extension work.  We have strong links with the UCA (University of Creative Arts) and other sources to offer specialist workshops and opportunities to work with professionals.  In Years 9, 10 and 11 we offer trips to locations, galleries and museums to enhance research for GCSE project work.

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Art Department

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Resources and support materials can be found on Google Classroom, such as the Art GCSE Booklet.

Further information can be requested from the Head of Department, Ms J Overton,



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 7

Natural Environment Project:  observation drawing, watercolour painting, artist / Art Movement analysis, stencils, collage.

Continue Natural Environment Project.

Begin Monster Project:  Observation drawing, artist analysis, planning ideas, clay sculpture.

Continue Monster Project.

Planet Project:  Extended watercolour painting techniques.

Year 8

Portrait Project: Observational drawing, text and meaning, artist analysis, lino printing.

Continue Portrait Project.

Begin Under the Sea Project:  Observation drawing, acrylic painting techniques, planning ideas and composition, artist analysis.

Continue Under the Sea Project;

Figure Project:  Observational drawing, measurement and proportion.


GCSE Fine Art / GCSE Photography

Exam Board


Component 1

Introduction Project.

Project 1 - Structures (2D)

Project 2 - Personal Project (3D)

Each project must cover the 4 Assessment Objectives.

Component 1 = 60% of GCSE Grade.

Component 2

Externally set theme - set by Exam Board.

This project must cover the 4 Assessment Objectives.

Component 2 = 40% of GCSE Grade.

Link to the Specification


Teaching Schedule


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 9

Fine Art:  Introduction Project - Natural Forms (drawing skills and experimentation with different materials and techniques).


Mini project - The Basics

During this project you will gain an understanding of how to operate a DSLR camera and how to take creative

and original photographs. Students will explore areas of photography such as

  • Portrait
  • Documentary
  • Photojournalism
  • Studio
  • Location
  • Experimental imagery
  • Installation
  • Moving image: film, video and animation.

Fine Art:  Continue Natural Forms (printing and painting)

Begin Structures Project (2D skills).  Students independently research, explore and develop this theme via natural forms, architecture and / or anatomy as a focus for their own final outcome.


Finished photography basics up to spring half term. Then as Art & Design begin the Structures Project. Photography students will work digitally to make their images and create 2D and 3D sculptures in response to the project using their prints.

Fine Art:  Continue Structures Project.


As above.

Year 10

Fine Art:  Complete Structures Project. 


As above.

Fine Art:  Begin Personal Project (3D skills).  Students select their own project theme to independently research, explore and develop towards their own final outcome.

Photography:  Begin personal project. Each student will choose a theme and focus for their work. Students will look at a wide range of photographers, designers and artists, researching their techniques to inspire their own work.

Fine Art:  Continue Personal Project.


As above.

Year 11

Fine Art:  Complete /Extend Component 1 (Structures Project / Personal Project).


As above.

Fine Art: Component 2 - Externally set project theme (Released by Exam Board 2nd January).  Students will select one of the project themes set by the Exam Board.  They must independently research, explore and develop this theme within a 10 week schedule.  The Final Outcome will be produced in a 10 hour Timed Test.  Component 2 DEADLINE - March.  The sketchbook of preparation MUST be handed in on day 2 of the timed test.

Photography:  As above.

Fine Art:  Component 1 (Structure Project / Personal Project) DEADLINE - April.



Photography:  As above.





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