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Welcome to #TeamFHES.  I’m now beginning my sixth year as Principal and it’s certainly been an action packed journey of school improvement including a Pandemic in the middle.

Since moving from our partner school within the Academy Trust, Weydon, it has been a truly exciting and dynamic time for the school as we continue to embark on our journey #RoadToGreatTogether. I continue to have ambitious plans that will put us on the educational map. Educating other people's children is a genuine privilege and something I take very seriously. I endeavour to give all young people the best all-round education, with hopefully all children leaving happy and successful.

We see it as our responsibility to broaden our students' experiences and develop their personal qualities. Our students are a pleasure to work with; curious, empathetic and, most of all, fun.

Our expectations are high and our stimulating and enriching curriculum ensures our learners become confident and enthusiastic. To ensure we develop the whole child we inspire academia, sport, creative arts, leadership to become valuable members of society.

My vision is:

To provide a world class educational experience that ensures our students are prepared and qualified for the global marketplace – we become a school of choice in Farnham.

We will do so by-

  • Ensuring all students exceed their academic potential. This will allow a wide and enriching range of opportunities when they leave Farnham Heath End School.
  • Provide an aspirational, student centred education led by a passionate and collegiate team.
  • Create a “can do” attitude and ethos from all of our students and staff.
  • Provide a cultural capital that celebrates and captures the imagination of all our students and local community.

I believe that every child can be a hero and schools are an environment to make dreams come true. It is my role to ensure the teachers are equipped with the tools to nurture and develop every individual. 

Our core values are focussed around friendship, courage, resilience and high moral standards. These values underpin our ethos of a love of learning and achievement. From their first day, students become involved in our school through their contribution to each other’s learning, community activities, year group competitions and the wide variety of extra-curricular activities.

In order to achieve the best in everyone, we have a constant focus on high standards from our students regarding uniform, behaviour, communication, manners and perseverance. We are relentless in our pursuit of the small things that we believe have a big impact on our school culture and environment and our students’ attitude to learning.  We believe that every member of staff is a role model to a young person; so we each mentor a student.

I strongly believe that schools should be a fun environment and this will ensure that we are successful. If you would like to find out anything more about our school, please come and visit.

Mr Stuart Maginnis





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