SEND - Support for Parents and Carers

At FHES, our relationships with parents/carers are of paramount importance. We hold the belief that you are expert on your child. In order to have successful outcomes, we value working holistically where parental voice is key to ensure our young people receive the best support. 


If your child is recommended for any intervention, you will be asked for signed consent. We are always happy to discuss any interventions, why we have selected your child and how it will benefit them. Our main consent forms are linked to this page, should you need one.


As many of the team have children with SEND, we know that parenting can be challenging and you can feel isolated at times. We have created a list of useful organisation to support you, in addition to the support you will receive from school. 


Please do not hesitate to make contact if you need support or would like to discuss your child's SEND - (Ms Wright - SENDCo).



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