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The Music department's vision is to empower and inspire students to build their confidence and love of music through composition, performing and appreciation. 

We aim to provide many varied opportunities for students to explore different styles of music from around the world whilst learning the building blocks of music enabling them to flourish and grow as musicians. Studying music at GCSE level allows students to develop creative skills such as, composing their own music, learning how to perform both individually and as a group, and learning how to write detailed analysis of music works. However, in learning those skills, students are also learning teamwork skills, building their confidence, resilience and problem-solving skills.

We offer a variety of extra-curricular music clubs including Choir, GCSE Music Theory, Brass Group, Ukulele Club, as well as student led groups.

Performing, composing, listening and appraising is included in all topics.

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Year 7




The Orchestra



Year 8


Body Percussion


Song Writing




GCSE Music - Examination Year 2024 Onwards

Exam Board



2 x Performances and 2 x Compositions

Component 1


Students perform a minimum of two pieces, one of which must be an ensemble performance of at least one minute duration. The other piece(s) may be either solo and/or ensemble.

Component 2


Students compose two compositions, one of which is in response to a brief set by the exam board. The second composition is a free composition for which learners set their own brief.

Component 3

Listening and appraising

This component is assessed via a listening examination. Eight questions in total, two on each of the four areas of study.

Area of study 1: Musical Forms and Devices

Area of study 2: Music for Ensemble

Area of study 3: Film Music

Area of study 4: Popular Music

Two of the eight questions are based on pieces set by the exam board.

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