Farnham Heath End School became an Academy in April 2013 and as such is a publicly funded school which is independent of Local Authority control.  

At Farnham Heath End School we have one fundamental aim:

To equip all students with the skills, attitudes, knowledge and confidence to enable them to experience personal happiness and satisfaction and to achieve a successful, fulfilling place in society.

We shall achieve this by:

  • creating an environment which will support the academic and personal development of each student;
  • developing and delivering a curriculum which caters for the whole age and ability range within the school;
  • enabling all students to achieve their potential and be properly prepared for moving on to the next stage in their education, training or employment;
  • enabling each student to experience the full range of learning and enrichment opportunities;
  • supporting student growth and development by encouraging the interaction of school and community.

These high expectations are achievable with the support of all students, parents and other members of the wider school community who share our beliefs.

We believe in:

  • continually striving to improve;
  • a culture firmly based on motivation, challenge, praise and reward;
  • a partnership which harnesses the energies of students, staff and parents;
  • setting and achieving high standards in work, behaviour and dress;
  • integrity, mutual respect, valuing others, accepting responsibility and self-discipline.
  • the importance of our role in the community.


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