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To enable students to acquire knowledge and understanding of psychology, developing an understanding of self and others and how psychological understanding can help to explain everyday social phenomena.

Studying GCSE psychology is an excellent way to give yourself a foundational knowledge of how the human mind works, understand social behaviour and human development. GCSE psychology will also give you the basis upon which to build deeper knowledge in the form of A Level psychology and an undergraduate degree.

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GCSE Psychology

Exam Board


Paper 1

Cognition and Behaviour

Memory, Perception, Development, Research Methods

Paper 2

Social Context and Behaviour

Social Influence, Language, Thought and Communication, Brain and Neuropsychology, Psychological problems

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Teaching Schedule


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 9



Research Methods

Year 10

Research Methods and Perception

Social Influence

Language, Thought and Communication

Year 11

Language, Thought and Communication, Brain and Neuropsychology

Psychological Problems






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