Subject Information - Modern Foreign Languages


The MFL department's vision is to inspire a love of languages and cultures. To equip our students with the tools to communicate using French, German and Spanish. To develop linguistic skills and a curiosity for language learning and cultural knowledge that will enable our students to fulfil their potential in a global society.

Studying a language at GCSE develops a wide skill set: social skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, confidence, flexibility, resilience and an open mind. In addition, it opens many doors for the future, as it is one of the EBAC subjects, so highly recommended.

In years 7 and 8, we offer extra-curricular language clubs for French, German and Spanish.

For years 9, 10 and 11, we offer intervention and support and hope to take advantage of the ‘Linguist Days’ offered by both Godalming College and Surrey University, as we have done in previous years.

Resources and support materials can be found on Google Classroom.

Further information can be requested from the Head of Department, Mrs J Sarrazin,



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 7

Myself and My Family

Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing


Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

Free Time

Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

Year 8

House and Home

Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing


Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

Food and Drink

Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing


GCSE Modern Foreign Languages

Exam Board



Paper 2 Speaking Examination

Paper 1


All papers cover the same content of:

Identity and Culture

Paper 2


Local, National, International and Global Areas of Interest

Current and Future Study and Employment

Paper 3


The papers reflect the different skill focus  with both the Reading and Writing papers including translation both into and out of the Target Language.

Paper 4



Link to the Specification


Teaching Schedule


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 9

Me, My Family and Friends

Technology in everyday life

All 4 Skills

Technology in everyday life Free Time

All 4 skills

Customs and Festivals

All 4 skills

Year 10

Home, Town, Neighbourhood and Region

All 4 skills

Charity and Voluntary Work, Healthy Living

All 4 skills

Life at School and College

All 4 skills

Year 11

Travel and Tourism

Global issues

All 4 skills

Education post 16

Jobs, career choices, ambitions

All 4 skills





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