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To allow students to develop an understanding of the business world, the economy and develop the skills to become a business person or entrepreneur.  Enterprise is an important part of the business sector and plays a major role in the UK’s global economic status. The role of entrepreneurs is to help create wealth for the nation and its citizens through the creation of enterprises that innovate and grow the economy. We need students of today to become the entrepreneurs of the future.

This course will give students the opportunity to develop knowledge and technical skills in a practical learning environment. It will also allow them to develop key skills, such as problem solving, research, decision making, innovation, project management, planning and communication. Whether students want to start up and own their own business in the future or they want to work in the business sector, they will need to develop an understanding of the areas studied as well as the skills mentioned which are essentially life skills.

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BTEC Enterprise

Exam Board

Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Enterprise

Component 1

Exploring Enterprises

Based on two local SME’s students will research and write about the characteristics of the enterprises and the entrepreneurs behind them, the market research used and the internal and external factors that impact them.

Component 2

Planning for and pitching an enterprise

Students will come up with a business idea and then write a business plan. They will then pitch this business idea in a dragon’s den style pitch.

Component 3 - Exam

A 2 hour paper sat in May of Year 11


-Methods and message

-Types of markets

-Market Segmentation



-Financial Documents

-Payment methods

-Sources of finance

-Financial statements

Link to the Specification

To be examined Summer 2023 file:///home/chronos/u-effc00811eff040af325dd50e18e8f74134090df/MyFiles/Downloads/Spec-BTEC-L1-2-TechAwd-Enterprise1.pdf

New Specification to be used from September 2022



Teaching Schedule


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 9

What is Enterprise?

Entrepreneurs and skills needed to be a good entrepreneur.

Business ownership types.

Aims and objectives.

Business Ethics.

Influences on business.

Starting a business, business plans and business development.

Marketing - Advertising, sales promotions, direct marketing, personal selling and public relations.

Finance - Sources of finance, cash flow, profit and loss, break even, liquidity ratios.


People in business - skills and characteristics for entrepreneurs.

Market Research - Primary and Secondary research.

Judging Success - Judging success through SWOT and PEST.

Year 10

Completing NEA 1

Following the teaching of the key areas for the assessment, time is given to complete relevant research on local businesses. Students will write 3 assessments. The first on the characteristics of the enterprise and the entrepreneurs behind them. The second on the market research used by the local enterprises. The third on Internal/External influences.

Promotion and Marketing

-Marketing Mix methods and messages

-Demographic, Geographic, Psychographic and Behavioural Segmentation.

-Financial terminology

-Financial records

-Methods of payment

-Sources of finance

-Financial statements

-Cash Flow

-Break Even

-Financing an enterprise

Completing NEA 1

Students will complete the third part of the assessment writing - Internal and External Factors that affect enterprises.

Year 11

Revision for the exam.

Marketing and Promoting and Finance.

Working through past papers together to ensure students have the skills, knowledge and understanding to answer the questions in the correct way.

Completing the NEA 2

Finishing the planning for the new business.

Presenting this idea through a pitch.

Evaluation of the plan and pitch.






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