Covid-19 Planning

This information will be updated for September 2021 following DfE guidance


FAQs for Return to School and Summer 2021 Term Arrangements

Where is my child's Zone?

Year 7:  Gound floor / maths zone.

Year 8:  The Betjeman building.

Year 9:  Third floor of the Tower Block.

Year 10: First floor Science and Humanities classrooms.

Do students need to wear school uniform?

  • Students are expected to attend in full school uniform but will have the option to wear the navy polo shirt instead of the shirt and tie. Students should still wear the FHES sweatshirt.  Uniform is available from Linkup.
  • Hoodies should not be worn within the school premises on any occasions.  All jewellery rules remain the same and students should attend in black, polishable shoes as outlined in the uniform guidance.

Guidance on Masks

In line with the latest Government guidance, from 17 May 2021, students are no longer required to wear face masks in school.

What are the arrangements for arrivals and departures?

  • There are staggered arrival times
    • Year 7 and Year 8 arrive between 8:20 and 8:30.
    • Year 9 and Year 10 arrive between 8:35 and 8:40.
    • Students will arrive and go straight to their zone.
    • Early arrivals will need to proceed to their zone.
  • There are staggered departure times
    • Year 7 and Year 8 will depart at 14:40.
    • Year 9 and 10 will depart at 14:50.
    • There will be a waiting area for Year 7 students who need to depart with an older sibling.
  • Because of the staggered starts and the fact that we have 3 different entrances open, students can arrive through any entrance to the school site.
  • There are different entrances and exits to the zones.
  • Students requiring drop off in the school car park, due to accessibility issues, will be issued with a pass by the SEND department.

What are the arrangements for lunchtimes and breaktimes?

  • There is a staggered break and lunch to allow for year groups to have enough outside space and reduce the risk of moving between year groups.
  • For Year 7, from 7 June 2021, students will have their first opportunity to use the Restaurant at break and lunchtimes.
  • For Years 8-10 the usual restaurant dining offer will be replaced with a meal service in the year group zones and a 'grab and go' selection of food will also be available at breaktime.  Meals will continue to be paid for using the Wisepay cashless catering system.
  • All students entitled to Free School Meals can use the food service areas in their zones and their daily allowance will be available as normal in their Wisepay account.  This will cover the cost of the set hot meal option but, if you wish your son / daughter to order anything extra, please top up their Wisepay account.
  • Students will not have access to filling up water bottles.
  • Students will have areas in their zone to eat inside or preferably, weather permitting, to eat outside with their year group bubble.

We will continue to review this as the situation evolves.

Will students be left in classrooms without a teacher present if teachers are required to now move around the school to their next lesson?

Students will be supervised during transitions.  Students are expected to read their reading book; read their school notes or complete mindfulness activities.

Will PE be multiple forms at the same time or small groups especially if indoors?

PE in Y7 and Y8 has been timetabled for 2 tutor groups at a time to provide enough space indoors and outdoors.  In the older years, there are more years on at once but with increased indoor space to support this in the case of inclement weather.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Clubs and after school activities will recommence the week beginning 15 March 2021.

How do year group bubbles work?

The government has been very clear that, in order to get students back to school, year group bubbles are necessary for secondary to allow for the specialist nature of the subjects taught.  Students in Y7 and Y8 are taught in their tutor group for all subjects apart from Maths, where we feel that students need to have a pathway to support their learning.

This model is not possible in Y9-11 with options and therefore they are in a year group bubble.  Students will be able to mix and move classes within their bubbles only.  To mitigate risk here, we have looked at staffing of classes.  Also, there will be strict routines around cleaning at the end of lessons, which staff and students will have to follow.  Students and staff will also have to follow the hygiene protocols of hand washing or hand sanitising on entrance to a new room – we are putting hand sanitiser and tissues as part of our expected equipment.

Students will be able to mix with students from other classes within their year group bubbles but will not be allowed to mix with students from other years, whilst in school.

How will you manage social distancing at breaktime/lunchtime?

It has been acknowledged in the guidance that children struggle with the concept of social distancing.  As educators and parents, we all have a job to teach the new rules and societal norms in regards to this.  It will be part of our morning routine with students to reiterate expectations.  Some students will naturally be more wary and more anxious around the need to socially distance than others and we will need to ensure all students understand this.

How will you monitor the toilets?

Each year group has access to their own toilets.  They are considered ‘high use’ areas in our risk assessment and therefore subjected to frequent cleaning by our estates team.  Staff will also be on duty at breaks and lunchtimes in these areas to support with hygiene practices.

Will students be able to access specialist rooms (PE/DT/Food/Art/Textiles/Drama/ Music)?

Students taking practical subjects will have access for most of their lessons to specialist rooms as specified by the Head of Department for that subject.  Students who need to travel to a specialist room will be collected from their base classroom in their zone and escorted to the room.  The same hygiene rules will apply.

The Library unfortunately will only be accessible to Year 8 students due to the strict rules around sharing resources which includes library books. Year 7 students will still be provided with the opportunity to access library books. 

The music rooms will be accessible in the way described above but instruments are not allowed, according to the guidance.

Only ‘dry’ science practicals will be allowed in the first instance as not all students have access to science labs and the guidance does not permit for them as the resources would need to be shared and also quarantined after for 72 hours. 

We will continue to review this as the situation evolves and as the ‘new normal’ is more established for staff and students.

Will students have access to lockers?

No students will not have access to lockers as not all zones have lockers or space for them.  Students in Y7 and 8 are primarily in one room all day and will not be moving significantly.  Y9-11 will move but only within their zone so over a short space.  We recommend that students only bring what is absolutely necessary to school.

Will teachers maintain social distance?

Staff are allowed to be in ‘close contact’ with a student for a maximum of 15 minutes if inside.  Staff will still therefore be able to move around the classroom and teach in similar way to they are used to.

Is there anyway parents can help?

We are always grateful for any offers of help.  When we return to school in September, if you are able to help in any of the following areas, please contact Linda Mitchell

  • cleaners at break and lunch
  • support at break and lunch
  • support with student arrivals and departures at the start and end of the day

What are the processes if a student or teacher develops symptoms in their zones?

There are clear protocols for us to follow and we will advise on this later in the summer.

When will sports resume?

All students will have access to physical activity, however the guidance currently limits what can and cannot be offered by schools.  Again, we will continue to review this as we receive more guidance and the situation evolves.

What will happen if my child has a food allergy?

Please contact Jane Webster to inform us of the allergy specifics.  We will then complete risk manageme


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