House System

The new generation of Houses at FHES launched in September 2018.    The school-wide competition to name the Houses was won by Class of 2019 student, Ben Nolan.  His winning, inspirational idea was Farnham Legends and based around 4 Farnham-born individuals who have achieved extraordinary things.   The 4 Houses are: Baynes, Hawthorn, Morris and Wilkinson.    

The student House Captains are leading on all charity, competitive and collaborative efforts within the school community.  Their vision is to thoroughly embed the House pride in every area of school life, from Science to Art and Drama to History. 

The House competition for highest number of PRIDE points runs constantly throughout the year, not only do an individual student’s points count for them as an individual, their tutor group and their year group but also go towards their House total.  

There are Inter-House weeks scheduled throughout the year within PE lessons and staff and students should watch this space for further House related developments....  


For the latest information on PRIDE points please click the following link


We have six neutral House Captains.  These six senior students work collaboratively to support each of the 4 houses and have no allegiance themselves.  The team all have diverse strengths and knowledge, which they are able to lend to different competitions and events throughout the year. 

House Captains (2019-2020)

Maddie Healey

Woody Jerome

Ciaran Williams

Sophie Little

Alex Thickett

Amy Collins




Named After: Pauline Baynes

House Colour: Yellow



Named After: Mike Hawthorn

House Colour:  Purple



Named After: Rachel Morris

House Colour: Red



Named After: Jonny Wilkinson

House Colour: Green


House Allocation










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