Students have one pastoral contact every afternoon and follow a well structured pastoral curriculum programme. This programme aims to promote each student’s personal, social and intellectual development, and helps them to be independent, responsible for their own actions and capable of making appropriate decisions. Heads of  Year and Form Tutors  work with students daily, supporting the development of each student. Heads of House work on interhouse competitions and raising money for charity. For any pastoral issues the first point of contact should be the Form Tutor and, for more serious issues, the Head of Year. In extreme cases it may be necessary to contact the Deputy Headteacher.

The pastoral team at Farnham Heath End School are committed to deliver excellence through a robust yet flexible pastoral programme, to ensure every child has their individual needs met. Every student will have their own form tutor, Head of Year and Head of House who will aim to ensure that each pupil is known personally, allowing staff to identify and respond quickly to pupils' needs. Heads of Year  work closely with curriculum leaders, the Additional Educational Needs Department, the Pastoral Secretary, the Attendance Officer and the Deputy Headteacher.

The pastoral team work closely with parent/carers and support services in the interest of students’ development, and try to foster the growth of good relations between teachers and pupils. They bring together all information on a pupil’s development to ensure that parents and relevant staff are kept up-to-date and that a co-ordinated approach is established.

In the House system, each student and member of staff is assigned to one of the four houses: Austen, Brunel, Nightingale and Owens.

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Some of the duties performed by pastoral team include:

  • Interviewing, advising and supporting all pupils
  • Monitoring pupils’ attendance, punctuality, behaviour and academic progress in all subjects
  • Providing reports for pupils/parents and utilising the pastoral curriculum to promote target-setting and evaluation activities
  • Advising on subject choice
  • Providing further education and careers education, information and advice and liaising with careers staff, providing references for employers and Colleges
  • Meeting with and reporting to specialist services on behalf of pupils and parents, including Attendance, Psychologists, Children’s Services, Resources and Careers
  • Communicating with parents and carers to discuss various issues to help support not just the child but the child’s family.