GCSE 2020 Appeals Process

What to do if you have questions or concerns about your results?

  1. Review the guidance for appeals from OFQUAL


  1. Review this OFQUAL guidance for students explaining appeals


  1. If you think the school made an administrative error in submitting the Centre Assessed Grade or rank order, please contact the school on  The Exams officer will be informed and an administrative check will be made on the results submitted to the exam boards.  


  1. If you think bias or discrimination affected your Centre Assessment Grade or rank order, you will need to raise a complaint through the complaints procedure, fully outlining your case. Please send this to  This will then be reviewed in line with our complaints procedure.

Please note, as per the guidance, you cannot challenge the school under the appeals process on the grades it submitted or because your mock results were higher than the grade you were awarded. 

We recommend that you discuss with the school if it believes you have a reason for appeal.