At Farnham Heath End School the students pride themselves on their House name and colour and are encouraged by their tutors and House Captains to do the best they possibly can in order to make their House the most successful.

Our 4 houses are named after Farnham Legends. These are Baynes, Hawthorn, Morris  and Wilkinson.

We have 6 Year 11 students that are House Captains; these are now neutral and will work with all houses and inter-house projects.

The House Captains are:

  • Sophie Little
  • Amy Collins
  • Alex Thickett
  • Maddie Healey
  • Ciaran Williams
  • Woody Jèrome

There are a variety of opportunities that the students get involved in to win throughout the year.

Last year students competed in many inter-house sports competitions throughout the year. The results were as follows:

Hawthorn –  1901
Morris – 1899
Wilkinson – 1840

Baynes - 1709



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