School Parent Tour

Booking on any parent tour is essential.  Please email Mrs Jay at to reserve your place and include your name, student's name, their current year and current primary school.

Please see our Admissions Policy for further information.

2020 Admissions Policy Consultation

We are at the beginning of a decade where the number of students in secondary schools will rise significantly. The continued success of the primary provision and sixth form provision in our local area has made Farnham a very attractive proposition for parents expressing the preference as to where they would like their children to be educated.

As part of our close work with the Local Authority and as part of our expansion plan, the school PAN will remain at 220. This will be supported by the completion of Phase 2 of a school facilities improvement with the opening of the new Teaching block and Sports Hall.

It is government policy that any school should consult all its stakeholders prior to implementing new or updated Admissions Arrangements. The consultation lasts six weeks and will commence on 21st November 2018 and finish on 4th January 2019.

This consultation and then forthcoming new policy will not affect the admissions round for September 2019, e.g. students currently in Year 6. It will affect students currently in Year 5 and their families considering an application for the September 2020 intake into Farnham Heath End School.

The proposed changes and additional clarification around the existing arrangements are highlighted & italicised in the attached document.

 Should you wish to make any comments with regards to these proposed changes please email and let us know your views. Please note that only responses which are fully completed with the respondent’s name and address will be accepted.

After the closing date, responses will be collated and presented to the Admissions Committee of the Local Governing Body. Its decision will then need to be ratified by the Full Local Governing Body by 28th February 2019. Once determined, the final admission arrangements will be placed on our website.