About Nightingale House

Named after Florence Nightingale 
House colour Red
Head of House Miss Ashleigh Turnbull
House Captains Aaron Straker and Charlie Beasley

Florence Nightingale was an innovator, someone who looked at her world and tried to change it for the better. Through her efforts and ability she saved thousands of lives (and along the way developed the pie chart). Nightingale House is a pro-active, caring community who follow Nightingale’s own phrase “Action not words”. We were the first house to win Sports Day and International Day. We were the first to have charity co-ordinators.

Nightingale have arranged a number of trips over the past few years including bowling and Thorpe Park Fright Night. We believe that students need recognition for their efforts. We always expect our students to do their best.

Nightingale is also proud of its parents who are very supportive and without them we would not be the successful community we are.  Miss Turnbull, the tutors and students of Nightingale House look forward to welcoming your child to Nightingale House.



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