About Brunel House

Named after Isambard Kingdom Brunel
House colour Purple
Head of House Miss Joanne Carpenter
House Captains Cameron Mundell and Paige Edmundson

Our House is named after the great Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel whose designs revolutionised transport and laid the foundations of modern engineering. Brunel was a great innovator and we aspire in our House to achieving the unthinkable as Brunel did over 150 years ago.

Brunel is led by Miss Carpenter and from this year she will be assisted by our enthusiastic year 11 House Captains. Together we have a vision of Brunel as being a House which cares strongly for all of our students and helps them to achieve their full potential in the classroom, but importantly also helps our young people to contribute to our community both in the school and beyond.

In previous years our House raised over £1,500 for PhabKids, a local charity, by taking part in a range of fundraising activities. This year we will be choosing another charity to work with, with the aim of raising even more money.  

We have been working with another local organisation called “Adopt a Care Home” and many students in our house have volunteered to spend time in a Farnham Care Home for the elderly, allowing our young people to help some of the local elderly people feel less isolated.



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