About Austen House

Named after Jane Austen
House colour Green
Head of House Mr Ian Maynard
House Captains Reece Barnes and Belle O’Brien

Success and personal growth are cultivated in the Green house

Austen House prides itself on working as a team, celebrating successes both inside school and in the wider community. Students, support by the staff, work to achieve in every aspect of school, whether academically, learning to play an instrument or participating in an extra-curricular activity.

Austen House is very much a ‘family’ with tutor groups in Years 7-11. The tutors are a team of highly skilled and supportive individuals, who work hard through a range of tutor group activities, based on our pastoral curriculum to support their tutees to ensure that they are happy and fulfilled individuals. The students of Austen are polite young people who are smartly dressed and proud to represent their house. There is much evidence of self motivation across all year groups with the many successes that students achieve.

Austen House students can expect to be asked, “What have you done today to make you feel proud?” It might be that they have just worked out the mysteries of algebra or taken part in a charity event, held the door open for a member of staff or helped a friend.

There are many ways in which the House and the school can support your son/daughter who should not be afraid to take the help and support that this offered.  



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