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Catering Arrangements – September 2020

As part of our return to school in September, we have been working very closely with our Catering Service partner, Innovate, to ensure the highest standards of both food quality and hygiene. Innovate have been working hard to ensure additional measures are in place in line with COVID-19 health and safety guidance.      

How will the Food Service change?

With students remaining in year group bubbles for lessons, we believe it is important that for the first few weeks of term, students are served food and eat their lunches within their year group bubbles.  To enable this approach to work, we have been discussing different options with Innovate and the following arrangements will be in place for the immediate future:

  • The usual Restaurant dining offer will be replaced with two packed lunch options for years 7-10.
  • There are two different ranges of packed lunch – the Classic priced at £2.40 and the Deli priced at £2.90.
  • Within each range of packed lunch there are three different options of sandwich choices including vegetarian options, plus a cookie / cake, fruit and bottle of water. Each day the packed lunch menu changes.  
  • Families can choose how many days each week packed lunches are ordered for.
  • Orders for packed lunches are made through Innovate’s ordering system (see separate details) – not Wisepay.
  • To order packed lunches for the first week back, orders need to be on the Innovate system by 3 September 2020.
  • After this, packed lunches need to be ordered in advance by midnight on the Saturday before the start of the week packed lunches are required for.
  • Year 11 will continue to use the Restaurant with a slightly reduced menu option.
  • Year 11 meals in the Restaurant will continue to be paid for using Wisepay cashless catering system. 


When will students be able to eat?

With the timetable changes there will be changes to both break and lunch times.  During our immediate return to school in September, food will be available from Innovate during the lunch break only.  To ensure our plans for keeping students in year group bubbles are effective, we are unable to provide food at break time from Innovate.  We will keep this under review, however.

How do we order packed lunches for years 7-10?

Packed lunches can be ordered in advance using Innovate’s ordering system at    To set up your son / daughter on the system, Parents/ Carers are invited to register student details the first time of using the system.  The attached guide explains how to set up your account and payment card details.

It is possible to order and pay for packed lunches up until half-term or on a weekly basis.  Packed lunches must be ordered by midnight on the Saturday before the week ahead.

Where will students eat?

Students will be eating their lunches within their year group bubble zones.  Students ordering packed lunches from Innovate will have their packed lunch delivered to their year group zone and will then eat in the classroom / area designated to their tutor group.  Students will be encouraged to wash their hands prior to eating and we will be encouraging them to dispose of their own food waste carefully to keep classrooms / tutor group zone areas clean and tidy.

What happens to the balances held on the previous cashless catering system?

We hope to be able to return to a service from the Restaurant with a wider choice of food options as soon as it is possible to do so.  For this reason, we will leave any balances relating to cashless catering accounts on Wisepay for the time being. This will be reviewed in due course and, if it is unlikely that a return to Restaurant service will happen in the near future, we will look at refunding balances.  If there are any families with significant balances on their Wisepay catering account who need an earlier refund, please contact Debbie McLeod on

Food Allergies

Innovate food will always endeavour to accommodate dietary requirements.  However, whilst we are offering a packed lunch service, we recommend that those students with allergies or specific dietary requirements bring in a packed lunch from home. 


As per our previous guidance, it is really important students bring in sufficient water for the whole day in school. The packed lunch includes a bottle of water, but students will not otherwise be able to purchase water or drinks during the day. Please ensure your son / daughter brings in sufficient water and that it is stored safely in their school bags to avoid leaks!

These changes to the catering service have been carefully considered to ensure the safest possible environment for students and staff as we return to school. Thank you for your understanding with these changes to our systems.

We are working very closely with Innovate with regards to the meal choices over the coming weeks and where adaptations are required or possible, we will look to ensure the best possible food service is provided.   


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