Face Covering Guidance

Face coverings: Parent and student factsheet

Following the government announcement regarding face coverings/masks, we would like to advise you on the school’s approach to face coverings.

The WMAT wishes to ensure that any individuals, both staff and students, who wish to wear a face mask and/or visor are free to do so.

Is my son/daughter allowed to wear a face covering?


When must my son/daughter wear a face covering?

  • Only if our school is in a local lockdown area, or if this becomes the case. We’ll let you know if this does become the case. We’d recommend reading this factsheet and securing a face covering for your son/daughter so you’re prepared.


  • From September, we have decided to make masks optional for staff and students.  FHES has identified, within its risk assessment, health and safety measures in line with guidance to support good hygiene.


What will my son/daughter need, if wearing a face covering?

Your child needs to come to school with:

  • A face covering. We recommend a reusable one so that they can use it more than once, as they’ll need to take it on and off several times during the school day. If this isn’t an option, they will need to bring in several single-use face coverings each day. Their face covering should be secured to your child’s head using ear loops only
  • A sealable plastic bag to keep their face covering in when they’re not using it so that it doesn’t contaminate (or get contaminated by) other surfaces in school.


    What is a suitable face covering?


  • Bandanas/scarves, for example, are not suitable face coverings and will not be allowed.


  • Face masks must also be appropriate for school and not be of a design which breach the spirit of the school code of conduct.

Appropriate                                                                          Not Appropriate

Face mask                           Face masks 1                     Face masks 2



How should my son/daughter use their face covering?


  • If your son/daughter is going to be wearing a face covering, please watch this video with them from the World Health Organisation so they know how to wear their face covering safely.  We will also watch this in class.


  • Their face covering needs to cover their nose and mouth when they’re wearing it.


  • They shouldn’t touch the front of the face covering or the part that’s touched their mouth or nose.


  • They should wash their hands before and after touching the face covering, including to take it off or put it on. They should store it in an individual, sealable plastic bag between uses.


  • If it becomes damp, they shouldn’t wear it, and they should replace it carefully.


  • Single-use face coverings should be disposed of after use (not in a recycling bin)


How often will a reusable face covering need to be washed?


  • Reusable face coverings will need to be washed at the end of each day, ready for your child to wear the next day.


  • If your child has taken a spare reusable mask from school, this will also need to be washed before they use it again.


  • You can wash and dry reusable face coverings with normal laundry – follow the washing instructions for the fabric and use normal detergent.


    What if my child is exempt form wearing a face covering?

  • They will not need to wear one in school.


  • In case of a local lockdown, where mask wearing becomes mandatory, please contact your son/daughter’s Tutor and Year Leader by email so that we have this information stored.


  • We will speak to students about this so they understand that some young people are exempt from wearing masks.


    My child needs to lip read, how will this work if staff are wearing face coverings?


  • We will be asking staff to wear visors, rather than masks.


  • We have a number of facemasks with clear panels for staff who wish to wear a facemask.


  • We will be speaking to students about this.






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