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This description of school uniform was updated on 3rd July 2015.  Our supplier for our customised items are - LINKUP.    The changes come into effect from September 2015 and are compulsory.

Our uniform is considered to be reasonably priced and practical. Most items are available from LINKUP (Unit G, Holder Road, Aldershot GU12 4RH, telephone number 01252 343127). Other items of uniform are widely available from local retailers, chain stores or department stores; however, it is important that the guidelines and rules are followed. Everyone is expected to wear uniform in such a way that reflects care and neatness. Extremes of dress or hairstyle are not acceptable or appropriate. Extremes of hairstyle include ‘unusual’ stripes or colours, peroxide, shaved ‘stripes’ or styles that are too short. Braids should be tied back. If there is a good reason why a student is temporarily unable to be in correct school uniform, a note, dated, from the parent/carer must be given to Mrs Jay. If the standard of dress is unacceptable, the student may expect to be sent home to change. If a student repeatedly fails to wear the acceptable standard of dress, the behaviour policy will be enforced which may result in internal exclusion.

Details of uniform

  • Black plain blazer with embroidered school badge for boys and girls*.
  • Black plain trousers (not jean type/flared/Lycra). Girls' trousers* must be the Greenwich style with the embroidered school logo.
  • Alternatively, girls may wear the regulation school skirt* with embroidered school logo. Girls' trousers and skirts are exclusively available at LINKUP. Skirts are not permitted to be rolled up.
  • Skirts from our suppliers come in all sizes.
  • Black polishable shoes – sensible low-heeled shoes, no sling-backs, no trainers and no canvas shoes, including Vans.
  • White plain shirt, short or long sleeved with white or clear buttons. Shirts must to be tucked in at all times. T-shirts may not be worn under shirts.
  • Plain grey/black socks. Girls may wear plain black or flesh-coloured tights.
  • A school house tie*, black with striped house colours. Students must wear their ties appropriately with at least 6 house stripes visible.
  • Optional summer uniform: a blue polo shirt embroidered with the school logo in a house colour.
  • Plain black V neck jumper * with school badge is optional but no other alternative eg cardigans or other jumpers are permitted.
  • Optional black rucksack, embroidered with school logo.


  • Parents are urged to discourage students from wearing jewellery to school, particularly valuable items or those of sentimental value.
  • The only jewellery permitted is ONE small, simple, plain ear stud in the lobe. Students are not permitted to wear upper ear studs, tongue studs, nose studs, eyebrow studs or studs in the navel. We do not allow plasters to cover any unauthorised studs. Bracelets and necklaces are also not permitted.
  • Studs and watches must be removed for specific lessons, eg P.E.
  • Any student found to be wearing upper ear studs, tongue studs, nose studs, eyebrow studs or studs in the navel will not be allowed to attend lessons until they have removed the offending item(s). If they choose not to remove the offending item, they will work in the Isolation Room or be sent home. All unauthorised jewellery will be confiscated. Confiscated jewellery can be collected at the end of day from reception. If unauthorised jewellery is repeatedly worn, the items will be confiscated until the end of term.

Other Points

  • Any garments worn under blouses/shirts (discouraged except in the coldest of weather) must be plain white, not visible and without logos. However, in winter, students may, if they wish, wear their regulation plain black v-neck jumper under their blazers, not instead of the blazers.
  • Outdoor coats – should be of a plain colour with no large advertising, pictures or logos.
  • Trainers may only be worn for P.E. (not to/from school) or at break/lunchtime, unless taking part in a sporting activity. If students come into school wearing trainers, they will change into school plimsolls. The only other reason trainers may be worn is if a doctor states it is necessary.
  • Make-up is not encouraged at school but may be used discreetly. Students should not wear an excess of make-up. Nail varnish is not permitted. Nail extensions are not allowed. If students wear them to school they will be asked to work in Isolation until they are removed
  • All clothing should be labelled with the student's name.

Boys –

Shorts –Navy

Polo shirt – Navy / sky with logo

Rugby top – Navy / sky

Rugby socks Navy / Sky  FHES


Shorts OR Skort – Navy

Polo shirt – Navy/ sky with logo

Rugby top – Navy / sky

Rugby socks Navy / sky FHES

Additional options –

Tracksuit bottoms – Navy

Studded boots are recommended for sports played on grass.  Studded boots are compulsory for football and rugby squads.

Gum shields and shin pads are compulsory

1/4 zip wet top 

1/4 zip wet top - navy sky are optional 


Shorts – Navy / sky

Polo shirt – Navy / sky (named and numbered)

¼ zip wet top – Navy / sky (named and numbered)

Socks – Navy / sky FHES

Girls GCSE

 Shorts OR skort – Navy / sky

Polo shirt – Navy / sky (named and numbered)

¼ zip wet top – Navy / sky (named and numbered)

Socks – Navy / sky FHES

additional options - available for all students to purchase

¼ zip sweat top – Navy / sky

Tracksuit bottoms - Navy

All items  are available from LINKUP.
Please click on the logo below for further details and to order items.