Student Information


At Farnham Heath End School we believe that homework should be set for all students in the majority of subjects.  Homework should be used to aid the learning that takes place in lessons, it should deepen, consolidate or extend the understanding of the subject.  Students in Year 7 should expect approximately 20 minutes homework for each subject for each two week timetable cycle.  This rises to an hour of homework at Key Stage 4. 

Some homework will be revision or learning homework and students should use this as the default homework if no other homework has been set for them. 

Students are able to see the homework that has been set for them on the school Firefly system and via the app that they may download for their mobile phone or tablet.  The username and password are the same ones that they use to log on to the school system.  It is the responsibility of each and every student to check what homework has been set for them and when it is due to be handed in. 

In some cases the homework will be expected to be completed online and sometimes the submission of homework will be expected electronically.  Students who do not have access to the internet at home may use the computer facilities at school before school, during break and lunch time, as well as after school. 

A homework timetable has been published and this should be used as a guide to allow students to manage their time.  For example a homework slot may be on a day when a student does not have that subject.  However, this is the time that is available for them to complete the work should they choose to use that time.  Homework will not be expected to be completed before the next available homework slot for a given subject.

Parents are also able to see the homework that has been set for their child/children via the school VLE.