Exam Timetable

Letters home will now be posted here and on the Firefly VLE area and you will be able to access them from the Parents’ Information.

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Page Downloads Date  
Year 11 Exam Timetable 2018 01st May 2018 Download
Name Date Category  
Berlin Trip Hoody 25th May 2018Year 10 Download
Betty Bus PSHE Sex Education Programme 15th Jun 2018Year 7 Download
Careers Education Appeal 02nd Jul 2018Whole School Download
Cashless Catering Refund 29th Jun 2018Year 11 Download
Guilford Treasure Trail 07th Jun 2018Eikon Download
Houses The New Generation 01st Jun 2018Whole School Download
Innovate Refund Policy 08th May 2018Whole School Download
Parent Council 20th Jul 2018Whole School Download
Peer Productions Play 26th Jun 2018Year 9 Download
Prom Information for Parents 29th Jun 2018Year 11 Download
Prom Ticket Information 29th Jun 2018Year 11 Download
Sponsorship Request 20th Jul 2018Whole School Download
Sports Day 13th Jun 2018Whole School Download
Sports Leader Award Level 2 26th Apr 2018Whole School Download
Summer Uniform 20th Jul 2018Whole School Download
Wales Trip Year 10 July 2018 22nd Jul 2018Year 10 Download
Work Experience 20th Jul 2018Year 9 Download
Work Experience 26th Apr 2018KS4 Download
Year 10 Berlin Trip July 2018 20th Jul 2018Year 10 Download
Young Carer Purbeck Residential Trip 28th May 2018Eikon Download